Matthew McNulty (born Michael Anthony McNulty, in Manchester) is an actor of film and television.
He is most famous for his roles in:

Control as Nick
Misfits as Seth
Shameless as Trev
Little Ashes as Luis Bunuel
ITV's See No Evil: The Story of the Moors Murders as David Smith
The Mark of Cain as Shane Gulliver
Geography of the Hapless Heart as Jamie

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Anonymous whispered, "hey - how would you place Matthew's accent?"

hey, do you mean what accent he has? he’s got a mancunian accent x

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and god created man

and god created man

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Stuart: “Look let’s just forget it”

Jamie: “I know he’s got one here somewhere, it looks like dead real cause’ I’ve seen him playing with it. She taken any of Jack’s toys with her?…Here it is!”

Stuart: “Well it’s not gonna work, that don’t even look real!”

Jamie: ” It will on CCTV!”

Stuart: “It won’t! It looks like a toy! It’s a bloody crazy idea, this. We’ll get found out.”

Jamie: “How? There’s nothing that can go wrong, I’ve thought of everything!”

Stuart: “What if Bob don’t leave?”

Jamie: “He always leaves bang on time on a Saturday cos he has to to be home in time for Strictly - him and his missus always watch it. All we’ve got to do is stick to t’plan!”

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